GLOBEFLOTTI – Flotti is travelling around the world

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GLOBEFLOTTI – Flotti is travelling around the world

Hi, I’m Flotti

I am travelling around the world to meet friendly people. A friend of yours’ sent me to you in order for us to visit some nice places where you live and to take some pictures together. It would be great if you could send at least one picture to that my mother always knows where I am. She’s keeping a record of all my journeys on facebook. You can find it under FLOTTI LöWENHERZ or

Your friend has put a present for you into my rucksack.

Flotti brings people all over the world together. She shares luck with them and encourages them to do things they would usually not do.

Keeping this in mind, think about who you would like to send me next week? Don’t forget to put a lucky charm for your friend into my rucksack.

With kind regards,


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